How is my child looked after in the boarding house?
Boarding houses are organised by age and gender. On arrival, the resident teacher, who lives on every floor will welcome the family and show the student to his/her room. The teacher will ensure that every student is settled, happy and is making friends with others. The teacher is there to support the student in every way and the student’s well-being is paramount.

Will someone be at the airport to welcome my child?
Yes, you need to give us details of the flight arrival time. A member of staff will be waiting in the airport arrivals area to welcome all arriving students and bring them to Brillantmont. The transfer to and from Geneva airport is included in the cost.

Is there accommodation for parents?
We cannot accommodate parents on campus. We can recommend hotels locally. We do encourage parents to take advantage of the fact that their child is in good hands to enjoy exploring further afield. For some students, knowing that mum and dad are close by can make them feel homesick.

What is the main language used at the camp?
Because we have students learning French and English, we use both languages around the school campus and during different activities.

What happens if my child feels unwell?
Our School Nurse is on campus all day and on call 24h. She will decide if a student needs to see a doctor or go to hospital and she will administer medication if required. It is important that families give a full medical history on the medical form which is required on enrolment and that any medication is handed over to the School Nurse.

Is my child insured?
Yes, all students are insured against accident and illness.

What is the boarding accommodation like?
We have five boarding houses at Brillantmont. Houses are organised by age and gender with different rules for different ages. A boarding teacher lives on every floor. Houses have security codes and are locked at night. The rooms are large and spacious and many have views over the lake. Students share a room with one or two students of a different nationality, which enables them to make new friends and discover new cultures. Some rooms have private bathrooms; some share. Bedding and towels are provided.

Is sharing a room with a friend possible?
We strongly encourage students to share a room with someone from a different nationality, because it will open their eyes to other cultures, rather than always staying with the same friendship group.   However, exceptionally, we do allow friends to share a room, if they are the same age.

Can I visit my child?
Parents are of course welcome to visit their child during the Summer Course. However, this should be organised with the school, to find a suitable time, since the programme is very busy and we may not always be on campus.

What happens at meal-times?
Students have a choice of vegetarian or meat-based menus. If they have a special dietary requirement it is important to inform us. The food is varied, international, with three courses. If the weather is nice, we may have barbecues and picnics outside.  Attendance at all meals is compulsory. Meals are served and are eaten together, along with the staff, creating a sense of community.

Outside meal times, a selection of fresh fruits and drinks are available in the dining room.

What clothes does my child need to bring?
Please refer to our clothing list. Remember, Switzerland is an Alpine climate and although summers can be very hot, the weather can change suddenly.

Is there laundry service?
We have a laundry room with washing machines and dryers. They are free of charge. We provide the products needed to do laundry and our staff explain how they work and help the students.

A paying laundry service is available should students not wish to do it themselves, however, we encourage them to be independent and autonomous.

How is pocket money given to my child?
When a student arrives, he / she gives us their pocket money, which is kept in the school safe. Every day, students can go to the accounts office to withdraw pocket money. We recommend CHF.20 – CHF.50 per week. Since everything is included, there is nothing the student needs to pay for.

Can my child use a mobile phone?
Yes, mobile phones can be used but within guidelines regarding their usage.

Is there internet access during the camp?
Yes, all the campus has wireless. However, we block internet overnight because we want students to get a good night’s sleep!